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Welcome to Hayes In-Stock Photography, a file of over 4 million copyrighted photographs. To open an account, or to see a selection of images please contact us. For PROMPT RESPONSE please phone

(VOICE):513-941-2447 or (FAX):513-941-2448

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Images are available as 4x5 inch color transparencies,

or as digital files. Major categories include:

scenery animals people
still-life inspirational symbolic/unusual

Please see the sample portfolio of images below

and a more detailed list of many other
catagories available .
These pictures are best viewed at 800X600 and hi-color display mode!
Variations in displays and monitors may change the way the original images appear on these pages.
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All images on this website are Copyright International by Robert Cushman Hayes.
All Rights Reserved.  Appropriate rights must be licensed
from Hayes Photography before any use or before any publication.
To obtain written license to use any image please contact us at the voice or fax numbers on this page.
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For more information about licensing see licensing information at this web site.

If you would like to request a selection of 4x5 inch transparencies or digital images for review for PROMPT ATTENTION please contact us by phone and/or fax. Usually there is no charge to review a selection of images for up to 30 days.

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Give us a call today. (Voice) 513-941-2447 or (Fax) 513-941-2448 USA

You can E-Mail us at: