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If you would like to see a selection of images for PROMPT ATTENTION please contact us by telephone and/or fax. Our professional photo researchers will search our files and assemble a group of images to fit your request. If a selection of 4x5 inch color transparencies is requested for review, usually there is no charge to review the selection for up to 30 days, providing the requester pays for the safe return of the transparencies. In some cases selections of digital images can be sent to you by E-Mail or on a CD (compact disk) for review on your computer.

When requesting a selection, if there are specific categories, concepts, or specific subjects you need, please provide any information possible to the Hayes photo researcher. Also when requesting photos it is helpful to know: (1) how you might want to use an image (what is your intended project) (2) what size the image would appear when used, and in what media (in print, video, etc.) (3) if you need horizontal format, verticle format, square, etc.) (4) how soon you need to see photos. (5) specific subjects needed, categories or preferences in visual style: for example: mood images, close-ups, panorama.

We hope to hear from you.

Give us a call today. (Voice) 513-941-2447 or (Fax) 513-941-2448 USA