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If you would like to use any Hayes photo it is necessary to first license the appropriate rights of use before a use begins. Contact us by telephone to request an invoice/license for the specific use desired. Hayes Photography will quote a price based on the specific type of use requested. Usually there is a one-time usage fee for each use planned. Multiple uses of the same image, or quantity orders for the use of several different images are usually at a discounted rate. Please contact us for a detailed price quote.

If you are new to licensing you will need to determine what type of rights you need to purchase.

When requesting rights to use a photo, and to quote the lowest possible price, it is helpful for us to know exactly how you want to use photo(s), and how your publication/product/or usage will be sold or distributed, in what markets, etc. In general the more extensive, or more exclusive the use that you request, the higher the price. For example if you are requesting use of an image only once as a one-time, small spot use in an in-house newsletter, or for a publication with a small press run, with very limited distribution, then the price might be much lower than if you plan to use the photo for a consumer product or worldwide advertisement.

If you only need non-exclusive one-time rights and do not care who else uses the same photo, the price is usually lower than for more exclusive agreements. So if you want the lowest price you should always request non-exclusive use.

However if your company wants assurances from Hayes Photography that Hayes will not license the same photo to a competitor for a similar product use, or for a similar publication, then this type of license is available at a higher price. Most professional publishers / licensees prefer the security of this type of agreement. In all cases Hayes Photography keeps records of each individual photo, and how it is licensed or used, so that we can offer this type of license.

Hayes photography primarily licenses images to publishers of consumer products or advertising and most licensees request managed rights. Managed rights agreements usually grant to the publisher/licensee the right to use specified photo(s) for a particular product or publication, to be distributed within an agreed time period, or in a specified country or territory. During the agreed time period of the licensing agreement Hayes Photography often agrees to not license the exact same photo(s) to another publisher for the same type of product use, or in the same territory, or during the same time period, etc. Nearly all specialized licensing agreements that have a time period are written to allow the licensee the option to renew the agreement before the expiration date. Terms of each licensing agreement are different and negotiable, and are written to fit the requester’s needs.

If you need broader rights to be able to use a photo in a number of different applications, or for a longer unspecified time period, please call us to discuss your needs. We are continually writing special license agreements to fit special needs.

Please let us know what you need and we can suggest the best photos and quote you the best possible price. Prices for the one-time use of a single photo range from $200 to $500 for most commercial uses, although some non-exclusive limited small spot uses could be as low as $75 depending on how used, size or press-run, or limited exposure. There are discounts off the normal rates if a single photo is requested for several different uses, or if you request use of a quantity of different images. Large orders of 25, 50, or 100 image uses can be quoted with sizeable discounts.

What are your needs? Please give us a call.

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